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Alexander is a paladin. His sword is as strong as his religious belief. He processes great ability to defend and heal others on his team, making him a primary target during battles for his enemies.
"You think I'm not a knight just because I don't have a horse?!"
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 48 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 30 Mag Def: 16
Mobility: 3 Grounded
Summon: 30 Alexander's Soulstone
Physical Attack

Sk10252 Itemborder gray

Evil Destruction:
Deals additional damage to target. Critical strikes Undead and Demonic units.

Initial: Dmg +120
Growth: Dmg +120

note: Damage divided among 3 hits.

Sk10014 Itemborder gray

During a common attack, surrounding heroes that also have this skill have a chance of attacking together.

Initial: 100% chance of co-op attack on targets under level 1
Growth: 100% chance of co-op attack on targets under level +1

note: This skill can be linked with Tristan and Grump.

Sk10254 Itemborder gray

God's Grace:
Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 3,6,9. Heals himself and nearby friendlies. Causes damage to undead and demonic enemies nearby.

Initial: Heal HP +2100, Deals 2100 dmg to undead and demonic units
Growth: Heal HP +100, Deals +100 dmg to undead and demonic units

note: Distance 1 cell. The damage to undead is not reduced by defense. The self-healing is increased by dmg, and reduced by mdef (probably...).

Sk10095 Itemborder gray

Steel Armor:
Increases physical defense.

Initial: Phy Def +615
Growth: Phy Def +15

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