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An expert in water element skills, Aqua can freeze enemies and also possesses a healing ability.
"Where's my raining man?"
AttributesRange Magic
Type: Range Magic
HP: 46 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 26 Mag Def: 14
Mobility: 3 Permeable
Summon: 30 Aqua's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Range Attack
Permeable Movement
Immune to Freeze

Sk10382 Itemborder gray

Ice Storm:
Unleashes an ice storm onto the target and its nearby enemies. Causes damage and slows down the enemy for 2 rounds.

Initial: Dmg +20
Growth: Dmg +20

note: Nearby is 1 cell.

Sk10383 Itemborder gray

Pure H2O:
Auto-casted during the Hero's turn during rounds 2,5,8. Heals the friendly unit with the lowest HP, also making the friendly resistant to ice. This skill has no effect on the undead, demon, or lifeless units. Lasts for 2 rounds.

Initial: Heal +50
Growth: Heal +50

Sk10374 Itemborder gray

Strengthen all elemental friendly units when multiple heroes that has this skill. The more heroes have this skill in battle, the greater the strength is. Level of the skill depends on the average level of skills from all heroes.

Initial: Alliance
Growth: Alliance

Sk10385 Itemborder gray

Frozen Arrow:
Auto-casted during the Hero's turn during rounds 1,4,7. Regular attack unleashes a frozen arrow, freezing the target for 1 round.

Initial: 100% success rate against enemies below level 41
Growth: 100% success rate against enemies below level +1

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