Cyclops Heroborder gray0 Stars2

A giant raised in the mountains, he favors using boulders to crush his enemies into smudge. Anyone that comes near him will be crushed and be thrown out of his mountains.
"I was a teacher once, but the school got closed down because I only had one pupil."
AttributesRange Physical
Type: Range Physical
HP: 44 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 30 Mag Def: 10
Mobility: 2 Grounded
Summon: 30 Cyclops's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Range Attack

Sk10232 Itemborder gray

Flesh Bomb:
Takes a nearby enemy and throws him to a random spot. Deals damage to both the one thrown and to enemies in the thrown area.

Initial: Dmg +150
Growth: Dmg +150

Sk10233 Itemborder gray

Increases physical defense.

Initial: Phy Def +252
Growth: Phy Def +12

Sk10234 Itemborder gray

Auto casted during turn during rounds 2,5,8. Common attack will throw a TNT packaged bomb, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Initial: Dmg +1680
Growth: Dmg +80

Sk10225 Itemborder gray

Increases HP.

Initial: Max HP +7380
Growth: Max HP +180

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