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A resentful soul with a cursed armor. No one has ever penetrated his defense to see what's inside the armor.
"You can't imagine how I carry those metals all day!"
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 48 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 30 Mag Def: 16
Mobility: 3 Aerial
Summon: 30 Farand's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Aerial Movement
Mutative Attack
Immune to Mind Magic

Sk10362 Itemborder gray

Converts 50% of defense to damage, dealing great damage to the target.

Initial: Dmg +70
Growth: Dmg +70

Sk10363 Itemborder gray

Imprecate Sword:
Reduces the target's speed and HP continuously at the beginning of round 2,5,8. Lasts for 2 rounds.

Initial: Speed reduced to 1, Bleeding 60
Growth: Speed reduced to +0, Bleeding +60

Sk10364 Itemborder gray

Absorbs defense from enemies within 2 cells at the beginning of each round. Can be accumulated up to 15 times.

Initial: Absorbs 168 Def
Growth: Absorbs +10 Def

Sk10365 Itemborder gray

Immortal Shield:
Cannot be killed by single attack when HP is above a certain level.

Initial: 100% sucess rate when HP is greater than 19%
Growth: 100% sucess rate when HP is greater than -0.5%

Heroes Tactics Farand 70 lvl 2*

Heroes Tactics Farand 70 lvl 2*

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