Frosty Heroborder gray0 Stars2

Those who come near this chilling ghost either die frozen in place or become suicidal.
"Meet the soul of Frosty the snowman!"
AttributesMelee Magic
Type: Melee Magic
HP: 50 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 14
Mobility: 3 Aerial
Summon: 30 Frosty's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Aerial Movement

Sk10282 Itemborder gray

Freezing Punch:
Fiercely attacks and freezes the target decreasing mobility for 2 rounds. Once mobility effect dissipates, target freezes for 1 round.

Initial: Dmg +60, Mobility -2
Growth: Dmg +60, Mobility -0

Sk10283 Itemborder gray

Increases chance of decreasing enemy's mobility for 1 round when melee attacked.

Initial: Mobility -2, 100% success rate against enemies below level 1
Growth: Mobility -2, 100% success rate against enemies below level +1

Sk10284 Itemborder gray

Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 2,5,8. Randomly chooses a friendly unit to heal, increase damage, and increase magic defense.

Initial: Heal 1260 pts or Dmg +1050 or Mag Def +420
Growth: Heal +60 pts or Dmg +50 or Mag Def +20

note: If the healing wish is chosen, it can heal non-life units.

Sk10285 Itemborder gray

Artic Nova:
When Frosty dies, it explodes and inflicts damage upon those around it.

Initial: Dmg +820, Explosion Dmg +2870
Growth: Dmg +20, Explosion Dmg +70

note: Affects within 2 cells.

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