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A fierce aerial fighter with golden armor. Has strong ability against unusual attacks. Can attack multiple enemies at the same time.
"Don't you ever ask me if my armor is made of real gold!"
AttributesMelee Magic
Type: Melee Magic
HP: 66 Phy Def: 16
Dmg: 34 Mag Def: 16
Mobility: 4 Aerial
Summon: 80 Gladius's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Aerial Movement
Immune to poison
Immune to Fire
Immune to Freeze

Sk10482 Itemborder gray

Fire Cannon:
Spits out a series of fire balls on potentially different cells to attack the enemy and enemies nearby. No difference in damage between target or nearby enemies.

Initial: Dmg +30
Growth: Dmg +30

note: Hits 3 times on target cell and adjacent cells.

Sk10483 Itemborder gray

Wind Knockback:
Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 2,5,8. Gladius flaps his wing to create a forceful wind pressure that damages the enemy and knocks them back one cell.

Initial: Dmg +100, 100% success rate against enemies below level 1
Growth: Dmg +100, 100% success rate against enemies below level +1

note: Despite its description, this activates every turn. Pushes the 3 cells in front of him, not behind.

Sk10484 Itemborder gray

Fire Penetration:
Increase damage and upgrade the hero's attack to cause damage also to nearby enemies.

Initial: Dmg +420
Growth: Dmg +20

note: This makes the common attack hit 2 cells forward.

Sk10085 Itemborder gray

Magic Defense:
Increase magical defense.

Initial: Mag Def +252
Growth: Mag Def +12

Heroes Tactics Gladius

Heroes Tactics Gladius

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