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As a priest, Helena possesses strong healing ability. She is the best hero for fighting against demons and undead.
"I can protect myself against evil..thank you very much."
AttributesRange Magic
Type: Range Magic
HP: 32 Phy Def: 8
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 18
Mobility: 1 Grounded
Summon: 10 Helena's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Range Attack
Unblockable Range Attack

Sk10032 Itemborder gray

Holy Strike:
Calls for the mighty strike from God to attack the target and heals friendly units around. Holy Strike never misses.

Initial: Dmg +80, Heal +40
Growth: Dmg +80, Heal +40

Sk10033 Itemborder gray

Auto-casted at the beginning of rounds 1,4,7. Heals the friendly unit of the lowest HP. This skill has no effect on the undead, demon, or lifeless units. Amount healed is based on the hero's damage.

Initial: Heal +60
Growth: Heal +60

note: Healing is reduced by magic defense.

Sk10034 Itemborder gray

Angel's Blessing:
Increase chance of critical hit while attacking Undead or Demon unit.

Initial: Crit +30%
Growth: Crit +0.5%

Sk10035 Itemborder gray

Auto heals herself before each round when HP is less than 30%.

Initial: Heal +3075
Growth: Heal +75

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