Heroes are summoned by collecting some number of Soulstones or a hero Card. Heroes have both a Grade and a Star Ranking.

Grade is increased by collecting the hero's full Equipment set and allows the collection of another 6 equipments, in addition to a stat bonus. Grade starts at Gray, then moves up to Green, Green+1, Blue, Blue+1, Blue+2, Purple, Purple+1, Purple+2, Purple +3, Purple+4, Orange, Orange+1, Orange+2... Grade will be considered a number (Gray=1, Green=2, etc.) when used in calculations.

A hero's Star Ranking is increased through a process called Evolution. When players collect enough soulstones they can Evolve their heroes to increase the Star Ranking by one and increase the hero's level up stats. The first star is obtained with 10 soulstones, the second with 30, the third with 80, the fourth with 180, and the fifth with 330. Some heroes can only be summoned with a certain Star Ranking, while others will be summoned at a Star Ranking of 1, and subsequent rankings will take 20, 50, 100, and 150 soulstones to get.

Герои вызываются путём сбора некоторого колличества Камней Душ для Карт Героя. Герои могут повышать свой Грейд и Звёздный рейтинг.

Грейд героя повышается путём сбора полного Сета предметов и позволяет собирать другие 6 предметов, дающих бонусы к основным характеристикам. Грейд начинается с Серого, затем переходит в Зелёный, Зелёный+1, Синий, Синий+1, Синий+2, Фиолетовый, Фиолетовый+1, Фиолетовый+2, Фиолетовый+3, Фиолетовый+4, Оранжевый, Оранжевый+1, Оранжевый+2... Грейды будут обозначаться цифрами (Серый=1, Зелёный=2, и т. д.) при использовании в подсчетах.

Звёздный рейтинг героев повышается посредством процесса, называемого Эволюцией. Когда игроки собирают достаточное колличество Камней Душ, они могут эволюционировать своих героев для увеличения Звёздного рейтинга на 1, что увеличит их прирост характеристик за уровень. 1 звезда получается из 10 камней, 2 из 30, 3 из 80, 4 из 180, 5 из 330. Некоторые герои могут быть призваны только с определённым стартовым рейтингом, в то время как другие будут призваны с рейтингом 1, для повышения которого потребуется 20, 50, 100 и 150 камней.


Heroes also have four powerful skills that define them beyond their stats and attributes. Skills can be upgraded with gold and skill points, and have a maximum level. The skills are unlocked by promoting to a higher color (Gray unlocks skill 1, Green unlocks skill 2, Blue unlocks skill 3, Purple unlocks skill 4).

Skill 1 is an active ability that can be used in place of a common attack when the hero's energy is full (1000). It costs 500*level to level up and has a maximum level equal to the hero's level.

Skills 2, 3, 4 are passive abilities that are used automatically under certain circumstances, or increase stats.
Skill 2 costs 500*level to level up and has a maximum level equal to the hero's level.
Skill 3 costs 500*level+1000 to level up and has a maximum level equal to the hero's level-20.
Skill 4 costs 1000*level+10000 to level up and has a maximum level equal to the hero's level-40.

Starting at hero level 60, all skills cost 30000 +1000 per level to level up.

Upgrading each to level 60 costs 885000 + 885000 + 429000 + 380000 = 2579000.
Upgrading each to level 70 costs 2579000 + 4*345000 = 3959000.

Stat CalculationsEdit

Each hero has base stats that indicate the rate of growth of health, damage, physical and magic defense. Let us call these the base level up stats. Stats start at 6*base level up stats at level 1, and can be increased in five ways:

- Level
Leveling up will increase stats by the level up stats.

- Evolve
Evolving (with soulstones) will increase stars and consequentially increase level up stats by 50% of the base level up stats, and will also increase the effects of past level-ups.

- Equip
Equiping equipment will increase stats equal to the equipment's stat bonuses. This will last through promotion.

- Enchant
Enchanting equipment will increase its stat bonuses. Effects described on the Enchantment page. This does not last through promotion.

- Promote
Promoting (with 6 equipments) will increase stats by n*base level up stats. n follows 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15. For example, promoting from Gray to Green will increase stats by base level up stats, and promoting from Green+1 to Blue will increase stats by 3*base level up stats. We can combine with the starting 6 to write the sum as N(G)=6, 7, 9, 12, 17, 24, 33, 45, 60.

A hero's stats can therefore be determined by
B=base level up stats, L=Level, S=Stars, G=Grade, E=aggregate equipment bonuses, e=current enchantment bonuses

B [N(G) + (L-1)(S+1)/2] + E + e

Visit the Stat Calculator to (eventually) do this for you

See also: Rating calculation


Stats in this table are 1 star rates. Remember that equipment can cause the stats to deviate from these ratios.
For a better reflection of hero stats when upgraded, see Max Stats.

Name ID HP Dmg P.Def M.Def Mob. Type Initiative
Tristan 144281463 Melee Phy 13
Stryker 232321083 Range Phy 14
Helena 332328181 Range Mag 43
Igor 4442812103 Melee Phy 15
Pixie 532328164A Melee Mag 3
Zia 636328103 Range Phy 16
Ives 756241462 Melee Phy 33
Gable 8403212124A Melee Phy 4
Perseus 944361484 Melee Phy 5
Trinity 10463212163 Melee Mag 17
Isha 11523412122 Melee Phy 34
Merlin 1228366201 Range Mag 44
Grump 13522416162 Melee Phy 35
Centaur 14562614103 Melee Phy 18
Medusa 15363010122 Range Phy 36
Pei 1644321082 Range Phy 37
Hadrian 1740321483 Melee Phy 19
Lazarus 18443214162 Melee Phy 38
Hyperia 19443210143A Melee Mag 20
Dracula 20422812144A Melee Phy 6
Aries 2148361483 Melee Phy 21
Kamus 2256361282 Melee Phy 39
Cyclops 23443012102 Range Phy 40
Zona 24383210104A Melee Phy 7
Alexander 25483014163 Melee Phy 22
Pegasus 26584412164A Melee Mag 8
Salvo 2754341262 Melee Phy 41
Frosty 28503214143A Melee Mag 23
Makhai 2932346221 Range Mag 45
Pyre 30483610184A Melee Mag 9
Xavier 31664414165A Melee Phy 1
Morpheus 32624412185P Melee Phy 2
Fiesty 33503214143A Melee Mag 24
Raina 35423410143 Melee Phy 25
Farand 36383014163A Melee Phy 26
Airy 37443012143A Range Mag 27
Aqua 38462612143P Range Mag 28
Infernio 39482810123 Melee Mag 29
Mucker 40562614102 Melee Phy 42
Elemix 41584412163 Melee Mag 30
Katla 4232328184A Range Mag 10
Drakon 43543610184A Melee Mag 11
Zorak 4640321483 Melee Phy 31
Gladius 48663416164A Melee Mag 12
Isaac 5036328101 Range Phy 46
Isaiah 51483616163 Melee Phy 32


Non-Heroes are found in stages as monsters the same way Heroes are, but they have some key differences. Non-heroes have fewer skills so they are initially comparable to heroes, but they do not grow as fast. All monsters (hero or non-hero) have stats decided by the stage in which they appear, which are sometimes vastly different from the stats they would have on your team.

Name Mobility Type
Bandit 2 Melee Phy
Bandit Archer 2 Range Phy
Haunted Tree 2 Melee Phy
Poison Tree 2 Melee Mag
Halfling 2 Range Phy
Halfling Warriors 2 Melee Phy
Gnome 3 Melee Phy
Gnome Bomber 3 Range Mag
Skeleton 3 Melee Phy
Skeleton Archer 3 Range Phy
Fire Demon 2 Range Mag
Flying Demon 3A Melee Phy
Energen 3A Melee Mag
Dargen 3A Melee Mag



Unreleased (mentioned in game files or pre-release screenshots):

Kassier (? [1])
Iron Golem
Lizard's Man
Ghost Dragon
Pit Lord
Crystal Dragon
Azure Dragon
Golden Golem
Diamond Golem
King Cobra

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