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Hyperia is a floating spirit that absorbs the energy of those around her. Her bodiless nature allows it to easily avoid incoming sword and arrow attacks.
"Bring it on, Ghostbusters!"
AttributesMelee Magic
Type: Melee Magic
HP: 44 Phy Def: 10
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 14
Mobility: 3 Aerial
Summon: 30 Hyperia's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Aerial Movement

Sk10192 Itemborder gray

Dissipates into many spirits to attack target, causes great damage. If the target dies, however much life is left of the target before its death, the hero transforms and absorbs it as energy.

Initial: Dmg +160
Growth: Dmg +160

Sk10193 Itemborder gray

Increase the dodge rate from physical attack.

Initial: Dodge Rate +15%
Growth: Dodge Rate +0.3%

Sk10194 Itemborder gray

Magic Vortex:
Auto casted before every round. Sucks the energy out of enemy units within 2 cells of the hero.

Initial: Absorbs 42 Energy
Growth: Absorbs +2 Energy

Sk10165 Itemborder gray

HP recovers incrementally every round.

Initial: HP recovers 2050 pts
Growth: HP recovers +50 pts

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