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A hunter who can reach enemies anywhere with his hand infected by the evil.
"Would you like free plumbing?"
AttributesRange Physical
Type: Range Physical
HP: 36 Phy Def: 8
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 10
Mobility: 1 Grounded
Summon: 80 Isaac's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Range Attack
Distance Disregarded
Dark Connection

Sk10502 Itemborder gray

Deals great damage to the target, regains 30% of HP when the target is killed. 100% success rate. Recovers HP by 15% under Dark Connection.

Initial: Dmg+150
Growth: Dmg+150

Sk10085 Itemborder gray

Increase initial energy.

Initial: Init Energy+5
Growth: Init Energy+5

Sk10504 Itemborder gray

Evil Signet:
Brands an evil signet on target during common attack. Removes the signet if the target is already marked, dealing with great damage and recovering HP by 10% (5% HP under Dark Connection).

Initial: Dmg+2100
Growth: Dmg+100

Sk10505 Itemborder gray

Has chances to hit the target back by 1 cell with melee attack with greater success rate. No difference in damage between target or nearby enemies.

Initial: 100% sucess rate against enemies below level 41, Atk Success Rate+10
Growth: 100% sucess rate against enemies below level +1, Atk Success Rate+0.2

Heroes Tactics Issac

Heroes Tactics Issac

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