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A forest guardian that uses branches and roots to entangle an enemy in its place.
"I wish I wasn't a vegetarian..been craving monster flesh!"
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 56 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 24 Mag Def: 6
Mobility: 2 Grounded
Summon: 30 Ives's Soulstone
Physical Attack

Sk10072 Itemborder gray

Grows vines to entangle the enemy, causing damage. Until Ent moves, dies, or the magic is dispersed, the enemy cannot move.

Initial: Dmg +80
Growth: Dmg +80

Sk10073 Itemborder gray

Recovers HP automatically when choosing "Defend" for that round.

Initial: HP recovers 90 pts
Growth: HP recovers +90 pts

Sk10074 Itemborder gray

Auto casted before the before round 1. Grows roots deep into the ground and entangles the enemies feet for 1 round.

Initial: 100% success rate for enemies below level 21
Growth: 100% success rate for enemies below level +1

note: Although it says before round 1, it is casted before Ives's first actionable turn.

Sk10075 Itemborder gray

Deals damage to enemies who melee attacks the hero.

Initial: Causes 1435 dmg
Growth: Causes +35 dmg

note: This damage is not reduced by defense.

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