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Legend has it that those who dared to challenge this humongous beast had their strongest armor shredded to pieces.

Previously known as Behemoth.
"No metal on earth can withstand the strength of my claws!"

AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 56 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 36 Mag Def: 8
Mobility: 2 Grounded
Summon: 30 Kamus's Soulstone
Physical Attack

Sk10222 Itemborder gray

Demonic Rage:
Violently strikes the target multiple times, dealing great damage.

Initial: Total Dmg +100
Growth: Total Dmg +100

note: Damage is divided among 3 hits. Total Damage = (stat damage + skill damage)*(0.525+0.525+1)

Sk10223 Itemborder gray

Decreases target's physical defense each time during attack. Amount decreased is accumulated until battle is over.

Initial: Phy Def -16
Growth: Phy Def -16

note: Only common attack apply the Phy Def reduction effect. The Ultimate does not. Phy Def can not be reduced below zero.

Sk10224 Itemborder gray

Increases hero's damage every time he kills an enemy, until the battle ends.

Initial: Dmg +840
Growth: Dmg +40

Sk10225 Itemborder gray

Increases max HP.

Initial: Max HP +7380
Growth: Max HP +180

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