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Makhai is a necromancer, who turned himself into an undead.. Those who underestimate his powers will be turned into skeletons!
"Let me know if you want to trade in your soul or if you see an unwanted body."
AttributesRange Magic
Type: Range Magic
HP: 32 Phy Def: 6
Dmg: 34 Mag Def: 22
Mobility: 1 Grounded
Summon: 80 Makhai's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Range Attack

Sk10292 Itemborder gray

Cloud of Death:
During common attacks, the hero will also cause damage to those around the target. This skill have no effect on undead and lifeless units. This skill will not miss.

Initial: Dmg +90
Growth: Dmg +90

Sk10293 Itemborder gray

During common attacks, there's a 30% chance the target will fall ill to the plague, dealing damage to target for 2 rounds. Every time the plaque is activated, there's a 30% chance of spreading this disease to nearby enemies.

Initial: Inflicts 40 mag dmg every round
Growth: Inflicts +40 mag dmg every round

note: While the plague will not damage undead, they can carry it and spread it to living units.

Sk10294 Itemborder gray

Summons a corpse on the battlefield to fight. This skill can be used only once per battle. Cannot summon undead corpses.

Initial: Skeleton Unit Level 21
Growth: Skeleton Unit Level +1

note: The Skeleton's stats are 300(lv)hp, 90(lv+4)dmg, 25(lv+4)phydef, 25(lv+4)magdef, 3 mobility.

Sk10295 Itemborder gray

Decrease magical defense to all enemies.

Initial: Mag Def -410
Growth: Mag Def -10

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