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Merlin is an archmage with an inhuman amount of energy that is encapsulated within his fragile and aged human body. Even the strongest warriors are not able to defend against his lightning magic.
"Son, I powered the first light bulb, NOT Thomas Edison!"
AttributesRange Magic
Type: Range Magic
HP: 28 Phy Def: 6
Dmg: 36 Mag Def: 20
Mobility: 1 Grounded
Summon: 30 Merlin's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Range Attack
Full Dmg Melee Attack

Sk10122 Itemborder gray

Chain Lightning:
Lightening damage jumps up to 4 enemies with max jump distance of 4 cells. Every jump decreases damage by 30%. 100% hit rate, but with 0% critical hit rate.

Initial: First Dmg +50
Growth: First Dmg +50

note: Despite its description, this skill will jump any distance.

Sk10123 Itemborder gray

During melee attacks, enemy will receive damage from static electricity with 30% chance of being paralyzed for 1 round. Paralyzed units cannot use any skills and mobility is reduced to 1.

Initial: Dmg +50
Growth: Dmg +50

note: This damage is not reduced by defense.

Sk10124 Itemborder gray

Electrical Armor:
Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 1,4,5. Chooses the friendly unit with the lowest HP and encircles him with a electric shield, increasing his magic defense for 3 rounds. 30% chance of Static Electrocution damage to those that imposes melee attack on this unit.

Initial: Mag Def +420, Dmg +945
Growth: Mag Def +20, Dmg +45

note: The damage is not reduced by defense. Mag Def is not added as described.

Sk10125 Itemborder gray

Guardian Aura:
Decreases all damages received by friendly units during first round.

Initial: Dmg Received -1230
Growth: Dmg Received -30

note: The skill is applied after armor reduction, which means it can reduce the final damage to 1. The crit multiplier is applied after this effect, so it reduces crits by 1.5* as much.

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