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Pegasus is an elf warrior riding on a flying silver horse, tracking and wiping out those that possess magic powers.
"Who says a girl can't be pretty and tough?"
AttributesMelee Magic
Type: Melee Magic
HP: 58 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 44 Mag Def: 16
Mobility: 4 Aerial
Summon: 80 Pegasus's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Aerial Movement

Sk10262 Itemborder gray

Detonating Strike:
Use the target's destroyed energy to cause further damage by explosion.

Initial: Every 10 energy pts destroyed causes 2 dmg, 305 max energy pts can be used
Growth: Every 10 energy pts destroyed causes +2 dmg, +5 max energy pts can be used

note: This added damage is not reduced by defense.

Sk10263 Itemborder gray

After each common attack, increase all teammates energy.

Initial: Receives 1 energy
Growth: Receives +1 energy

Sk10264 Itemborder gray

Before the start of each round, increases a teammate's mobility and damage for 1 round. Removes any slowing or freezing effects.

Initial: Dmg +630, Mobility +1
Growth: Dmg +30, Mobility +0

Sk10085 Itemborder gray

Magic Defense:
Increases magical defense.

Initial: Mag Def +492
Growth: Mag Def +12

Heroes Tactics Pegasus

Heroes Tactics Pegasus

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