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Pei is a warrior of the Orc tribe, a master at axe throwing. He delivers the enemies an accurate and clean death.
"I am more deadly than a ninja!"
AttributesRange Physical
Type: Range Physical
HP: 44 Phy Def: 10
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 8
Mobility: 2 Grounded
Summon: 30 Pei's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Range Attack

Sk10162 Itemborder gray

Power Throw:
Throws 2 axes, causing 2 times the damage. This attack will not be blocked by nearby enemies.

Initial: Total Dmg +160
Growth: Total Dmg +160

note: Although the attack will not be prevented by nearby enemies, the damage will still be halved.

Sk10163 Itemborder gray

Last Stand:
Increases damage when HP is lower than 30%.

Initial: Dmg +50
Growth: Dmg +50

Sk10164 Itemborder gray

Battle Roar:
Auto casted before turn during rounds 3,6,9. Enhances the mobility and damage of all teammates for 1 round.

Initial: Mobility +1, Dmg +1260
Growth: Mobility +0, Dmg +60

Sk10165 Itemborder gray

HP recovers incrementally every round.

Initial: HP recovers 1230 pts
Growth: HP recovers +30 pts

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