Perseus Heroborder gray0 Stars1

Champion of the arena, moving long distances allows Perseus to gain momentum before unleashing a more powerful attack.
"Get out of my way or DIE!"
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 44 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 36 Mag Def: 8
Mobility: 4 Grounded
Summon: 10 Perseus's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Dash Attack

Sk10092 Itemborder gray

Charges towards the enemy, causing massive damage, knocking them back. The further the distance traveled, the greater the damage.

Initial: Dmg +35 for every cell travelled
Growth: Dmg +35 for every cell travelled

Sk10093 Itemborder gray

Every time the hero kills an enemy, team attack increases. Last for 2 rounds.

Initial: Dmg +25
Growth: Dmg +25

Sk10094 Itemborder gray

Sound the Horn:
The horn is sounded before hero's first action, increasing team's critical hit rate to 100% for 1 rounds.

Initial: 100% success rate against enemies below level 21
Growth: 100% success rate against enemies below level +1

Sk10095 Itemborder gray

Steel Armor:
Increases physical defense.

Initial: Phy Def +615
Growth: Phy Def +15

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