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A beautiful, but cunning and evil demon. Her seduction is hard to dismiss. Her long whip allows her to attack the enemy from a far and safe distance.
"I can always teach you a lesson.."
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 42 Phy Def: 10
Dmg: 34 Mag Def: 14
Mobility: 3 Grounded
Summon: 80 Raina's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Semi-Range Attack
Immune to Mind Magic

Sk10352 Itemborder gray

Seduce and inflict damage upon target, causes target to attack a friendly unit once.

Initial: Dmg +20, 100% success rate against enemies below level 1
Growth: Dmg +20, 100% success rate against enemies below level +1

note: This attack does not use semi-range attack.

Sk10353 Itemborder gray

Cursed Orb:
Auto-casted at the beginning of rounds 2,5,8. Throws a cursed orb onto the nearest enemy, bouncing it onto two other enemies. Increaes enemy attack miss rate for 2 rounds.

Initial: Miss rate increases by 20% for enemies below level 1
Growth: Miss rate increases by +0% for enemies below level +1

Sk10354 Itemborder gray

Increases dodge rate when attacked by a male hero.

Initial: Dodge rate increases 21%
Growth: Dodge rate increases +0.3%

Sk10355 Itemborder gray

Inferno Whip:
Common attacks becomes magic attack, increases attack damage.

Initial: Dmg +820
Growth: Dmg +20

note: Possibly erroneously, adds health instead of damage.

Heroes Tactics Raina

Heroes Tactics Raina

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