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Salvo the minotaur is a guardian of the Labyrinth. He uses his giant axe to kill and knock back the enemies around him.
"Stay back if you want to keep your head on."
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 54 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 34 Mag Def: 6
Mobility: 2 Grounded
Summon: 30 Salvo's Soulstone
Physical Attack

Sk10272 Itemborder gray

Attacks all enemies around the hero and causes addition damage.

Initial: Total Dmg +80
Growth: Total Dmg +80

Sk10113 Itemborder gray

When subjected to melee attacks, hero has a chance to receive only half the damage.

Initial: 30% Success rate from enemies below level 1
Growth: 30% Success rate from enemies below level +1

Sk10274 Itemborder gray

Has an unlimited range in a straight line during the first round. The more cells traveled, the greater the damage dealt.

Initial: Dmg +1050 every cell moved
Growth: Dmg +50 every cell moved

Sk10275 Itemborder gray

Increases damage and chance of critical hit.

Initial: Dmg +820, Crit Hit +5%
Growth: Dmg +20, Crit Hit +0.3%

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