The Sky Arena allows players to battle other players like in the Arena, but with control over their heroes.

How it WorksEdit

Each day you can reset your progress in the Sky Arena. You will then start at Castle 1 and be matched with a weaker team to fight. At the end of the battle your heroes save their remaining health and energy, and can take it to the next battle. The goal is to complete all 10 progressively more difficult castles without exhausting all your heroes.

Strategy discussion can be found here: Sky Arena General Strategies


Rewards depend on your rating, which also increases difficulty. Each castle will give increasing gold and items, and some will give Sky Coins.

Castle 3
150 Sky Coins

Castle 6
200 Sky Coins

Castle 9
250 Sky Coins

Castle 10
300 Sky Coins

Heroes Tactics Full Sky Arena x3

Heroes Tactics Full Sky Arena x3

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