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A holy creature that heals the good and punishes the evil. She can inhibit enemies' special abilities.
"No, I do not defecate rainbows.."
AttributesMelee Magic
Type: Melee Magic
HP: 46 Phy Def: 12
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 16
Mobility: 3 Grounded
Summon: 30 Trinity's Soulstone
Magic Attack
Immune to poison

Sk10102 Itemborder gray

Blinding Strike:
Deals great magic damage to the target. Blinds target for 2 rounds. Blinded units cannot attack or move, they can only defend or wait.

Initial: Dmg +100
Growth: Dmg +100

note: Waiting on the second turn of this debuff will cause it to be cured.

Sk10103 Itemborder gray

Chance of inhibiting enemy's skills for 1 round during attacks. Inhibited enemy cannot use any skills, including any auto casted skills.

Initial: 100% success rate for enemies below level 1
Growth: 100% success rate for enemies below level +1

Sk10104 Itemborder gray

Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 2,5,8. Recover entire team's HP. Removes any effects from poison, plague, fire, bleeding.

Initial: Heal +840
Growth: Heal +40

note: Although not specified, this skill will not heal demon or undead units.

Sk10105 Itemborder gray

Magic Resist:
Increases magic defense for teammates that are 2 cells around the hero.

Initial: Mag Def +1025
Growth: Mag Def +25

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