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An elite squire who is good at protecting himself and others around him.
"Let's team up and defeat the vicious demon!"
AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 44 Phy Def: 14
Dmg: 28 Mag Def: 6
Mobility: 3 Grounded
Summon: 10 Tristan's Soulstone
Physical Attack

Sk10012 Itemborder gray

Flying Shield:
Hurls the shield at the enemy from a distance, causing great damage and stunning the target for 1 round.

Initial: Dmg +100
Growth: Dmg +100

note: This skill has no effective range.

Sk10013 Itemborder gray

Holy Shield:
Auto-casted at the beginning of Hero's turn during rounds 2,5,8. Improves physical and magic defense for 2 rounds.

Initial: Phy Def +15, Mag Def +15
Growth: Phy Def +15, Mag Def +15

Sk10014 Itemborder gray

During a common attack, surrounding heroes that also have this skill have a chance of attacking together.

Initial: 100% chance of co-op attack on targets under level 21
Growth: 100% chance of co-op attack on targets under level +1

note: This skill can be linked with Grump and Alexander.

Sk10015 Itemborder gray

Protection Aura:
Increases physical defense for surrounding heroes within 2 cells

Initial: Phy Def +410
Growth: Phy Def +10

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