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1.5.3 Edit

New Hero: Isaiah – Shadow Assassin. The sister of Isaac, some say she’s even more powerful than her brother

Second stage of testing real-time PVP mode. We welcome players to submit their feedback about this function

Faster Combat: Battle Replays, Live Arena, and Sky Arena will all have the option to speed up the pace of combat

Improvements to the chat system, including re-opening the global chat

Isaac now has a synergy with Isaiah, can not miss with protrusion, heals 10% from dark signet, and has increased hit rate on rebut

Farand is now immune to mind magic, bleeding effect doubled, absorbs more defense, and immortal shield percentage starts lower

New image of Wishing Ponds

Isha's blade mastery skill buffed, and now increases accuracy

Chat doesn't work again

Chat works again


Frequent game freezes fixed


Live PVP mode beta test open

New heroes Isaac and Farand

Game balance changed by hero stats adjustment (specifics to be confirmed)

Minor bug fixed (specifics to be confirmed)

New daily quests and achievements added

Sky arena gold rewards reduced substantially

New player icon frames added

Item names changed

Some typos and grammatical errors fixed


New item icons and names

Heroic chapter 4 added

Legend stage drops changed (more soulstones available) and stage composition changed (so the boss matches the soulstone)

Turn order now goes by hero ID instead of summon order

Behemoth, Naga, Harpy renamed to Kamus, Isha, Zona respectively

Zorak and Elemix added

Drakon's poison lasts 3 rounds (from 2) and superposition doubled in effect

Elementals' 3rd skills changed to Alliance

Bugfixes for Katla and Perseus

Item names changed, item graphics changed

undead no longer immune to sleep or taunt (reverted from 1.4.2)

enchantment bonuses will add before rounding down, rather than after (may come from 1.4.2, not sure)


new heroic mode chapter 3

new daily task for attacking guild boss

some heroes have a tutorial added

when an attack produces multiple numbers at once, now they are spaced out and can be read (ie pei's power throw, frosty's freezing punch)

new hero Drakon added

new hero Katla added

Grump taunt buffed (halves damage now)

Perseus sound the horn reduced to 1 round, but 100% success rate

Igor now immune to mind magic and stun (the other 2 brains still work)


(android) groundwork for integration with Lilith Games

sky arena now uses initial energy

undead are now immune to sleep and taunt

Two-line chat added (somewhat buggy)

100 guild coins bonus removed from second daily attack

Fiesty bug fixed


Global guild boss ranking replaced by individual damage ranking

Daily guild boss tries no longer reset when leaving a guild

Fiesty added