Zona Heroborder gray0 Stars2

Do not dare approach these strange creatures covered in feathers, unless you are deaf.

Previously known as Harpy
"No one ever buys tickets to see my opera.."

AttributesMelee Physical
Type: Melee Physical
HP: 38 Phy Def: 10
Dmg: 32 Mag Def: 10
Mobility: 4 Aerial
Summon: 30 Zona's Soulstone
Physical Attack
Aerial Movement
Return After Attack

Sk10242 Itemborder gray

Chaos Strike:
Attack enemy three times in a row. Also decreases enemy hit rate by 30% for 2 rounds.

Initial: Total Dmg +50
Growth: Total Dmg +50

Sk10243 Itemborder gray

Chance of confusing the enemy during common attack. Confusion causes target to forget to counterattack. Lasts for 1 round.

Initial: 50% success rate when attacking enemies below level 1
Growth: 50% success rate when attacking enemies below level +1

Sk10244 Itemborder gray

The hero screams a ear-piercing sound, dealing magic damage to those nearby. The closer the distance the nearby enemies, the more damage it inflicts. Can be used once per battle.

Initial: Mag Dmg +840
Growth: Mag Dmg +40

note: This skill replaces the first common attack in the battle.

Sk10045 Itemborder gray

Increases dodge rate.

Initial: Dodge +19%
Growth: Dodge +0.2%

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